FEBRUARY 2016 REVISED INTERACTIVE BUILD ALTERNATIVES MAP NOW AVAILABLE - The interactive map has been updated to include the five build alternatives presented at the Round 3 Community Input Meetings. Once in this map you can click the Basemap field on the top left hand corner to change the view to an aerial photograph. You can also click the Contents field to turn on an off various layers like build alternatives, interchanges, and community structures. The full-sized PDF versions of the maps presented at the meetings can be found on the Outreach page under the Round 3 Community Input Meetings heading. The PDF maps are large files and may take several minutes to download.

OCTOBER 2013 REVISED PROJECT MAP - You may click on this link to view the Revised Project Map (2 MB) including the NEPA-derived study area. This area will include the fifth build alternative that has been added which will follow the Inner Loop Expressway (LA 3132) from its interchange with I-49 to the future I-49 North/I-220 Interchange. This approximate 12-mile alternative was previously the No-Build Alternative and the route suggested by attendees at the previous rounds of Community Input Meetings.